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Exam Stress Management for Students

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Exam Stress Management for Parents

Price: 999/- + GST

1 session for 2 hours

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The Academy of Mind website offers a comprehensive set of modules designed to assist 10th and 12th-grade students and their parents in navigating the challenges of exams and academic stress.


Benefits of Exam Stress Management Programs!

Exam Stress management programs tailored for 9th to 12th-grade students and their parents offer a range of invaluable benefits.

  • Balanced Lifestyle

  • Maximize your ROI on Coaching Fees

  • Enhanced Academic Performance

  • Healthy Coping Mechanisms

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  • Module I

    1. Clarity about the concept of Exams – What they are, what they measure, and what they prove. 2. Concept of Tension – Experience of Tension at different levels. 3. Reasons for Exam Tension. 4. Strategies for Combating Exam Tension.

  • Module II

    1. Common Myths, Misconceptions, and Fears. 2. Harmful V/S Helpful Thoughts. 3. Rational Placement of Focus – Effort and Process.

  • Module III

    1. Effective Study Skills. 2. Setting Realistic Goals. 3. Time Management. 4. Practical Concerns for Effective Study.

  • Module IV

    1. Initiating and Maintaining Motivation. 2. Optimum level of Tension. 3. Career Orientation and Goals.

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