The Understanding of Fear of Failure

Common Types of Anxiety and Proven Strategies to Conquer Academic Anxiety in Students.


Fear is an instinctual emotion experienced by all humans at some point during their lives.


For students, however, its manifestation can take many forms and be detrimental to both academic performance and overall health.


On this page we’ll examine various types of anxiety experienced by students as well as strategies designed to help overcome it.

What is Fear?

Fear is like a warning bell inside you that goes off when things seem scary. It makes your body ready to escape or face the danger. While fear may serve a protective function in situations of imminent threat, excessive or unreasonable fear may prove detrimental if it negatively impacts daily activities and our daily lives.

What types of Fear students face?

Exam Anxiety

Students’ main fear when taking exams is stress related anxiety; failing an examination may cause undue pressure which results in poor concentration and memory issues as well as general feelings of fear around examinations.

Students are Afraid of

Failing Students are often terrified of failing to meet both their own and other people’s expectations, leading to crippling fear that can limit an individual from trying new activities or engaging in challenging academic pursuits.


This fear can prevent individuals from exploring what new things await them or taking on challenging academic pursuits.

What types of Fear students face?

Social Anxiety

Societies can limit a student’s ability to engage in class discussions, present or work alongside classmates, with fears such as judgement and rejection leading to embarrassment or discomfort.

Performance Anxiety

As with test anxiety, performance anxiety can also play a key role in many academic activities including speeches and presentations as well as group assignments. Worries over not meeting expectations could hinder students’ academic progress significantly.

Fear of Being Unknown

For students, uncertainty over future career or academic opportunities or difficulties can cause anxiety. This fear manifests itself either as anxiety about making the right choices or fear of entering unknown territory.



Fear is a universal experience and students are no exception. By understanding what types of anxiety students are likely to face at school and employing effective strategies to combat it, students can more successfully manage their education with greater confidence and resilience.


A conducive environment should promote open discussion about fears while developing skills needed to cope with and overcome them; conquering fear takes time; with persistence and the right strategies in place, academic success can be attained!


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